#REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction

#REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction


Hosted by E! NewsStyle Contributor & Fashion Insider, Stacee Michelle, REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction will showcase how upcycling can reduce waste and improve your personal health. Through the fashion show, local designers will select “trashed” materials then upcycle them into fashionable clothing and furniture.

This innovative happening occurs during Charlotte’s fashion week to engage and inform a diverse audience in the awareness and importance of reusing, upcycling and composting. To further the impact, environmentally-focused organizations such as Hip Hop Caucus, Pop Up Produce and Sustain Charlotte will benefit from the show and auction.

This event is being sponsored by the City of Charlotte's Solid Waste Department as a part of their Healthy Communities program. Through Healthy Communities programming people learn how proper waste management can decrease cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and diabetes. Via this initiative, it is being made apparent that upcycled fashion has the ability to save lives and increase quality of life.

For additional ticket information, visit #REPURPOSED.

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