GIRL GANG: The Full Steam Ahead Edition

GIRL GANG: The Full Steam Ahead Edition


have you had your 'yoni' steamed? (also referred to as 'vagina steaming.') with tremendous benefits such as: pulls toxins out of the body, relieves menstrual cramps, improves vaginal tightness, helps with feminine odor, strengthens the uterus and, just in time for VALENTINE'S DAY, stimulates sexual energy, i invite you to reserve your space.

an adult beverage is provided during the service--along with endless chatter--if you're up for it. want something a little more quiet and intimate, individual rooms are also available to provide just that. with a limited availability, make sure you get in where you fit in...

NOTE: though discounted, the entire cost of the yoni steam is $40. however, paying $20 now reserves your space and will be applied to your total cost (which will be paid when services are rendered).

for additional information about the service, please visit: CHAI YOK

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