Davita Galloway asks the question: What does it take to survive as a creative in Charlotte?

On Friday, June 2 at Warehouse 242, Charlotte artist Davita Galloway shared her dynamic story of survival with over 300 fellow creative Charlotteans. As a costume designer, talk show host, writer and publisher, and co-owner of powerhouse creative studio, dupp&swat, Davita’s tale is both deeply personal and resonates with us all. Early chapters in her narrative involve such heartbreaking moments as a medical diagnosis, an assault, and an arrest. Today, ability to keep surviving is both an inspiration and a warning shot for all creatives in Charlotte – as she works to keep alive a business that is both pure self expression and a ‘safe space’ for fellow creatives. A self-proclaimed #GirlBoss, Davita challenges us all to consider what we need in our creative survival kit.

davita galloway