I wouldn't say that I'm a 'girly girl' as I tend to walk an edgier line. Nonetheless, I love the color PINK. Actually, I think it's more than love, if that's even a thing. Perhaps the word, 'obsession,' is an accurate reflection because it's that real!!

And unlike my 'uber girly' bestie, I don't 'do' makeup because it's too complicated. It's too many brushes and what-nots and I AIN'T GOT IT! LOL. However, if I had a MUA to bless my face every morning, hunty, point me to the chair!

What I can do, however, is apply a quick coat of lipstick. That to me is a full face..LOL. Well, that and 'eyes.' All that other 'stuff,' you can keep. K? So when it comes to lipsticks--particularly, pink ones, I gotchu! (p.s. the shade worn in the previous images? NYX Matte Lipstick in Girl Crush)

In no particular order as I slut them all out, take note. And, yes, these are all found at Tisun's--because who has time to fuss over department store pricing?

Shade 1: NYX Pink Macaroon (you see the pair of lips), $5.99

Shade 2: NYX Tokyo, $5.99

Shade 3: NYX Addis Ababa, $5.99

Shade 4: NYX San Paulo, $5.99

Shade 5: NYX Paris (one of my faves!!), $5.99

Shade 6: Ruby Kisses, Baby Pink, $2.99

Shade 7: Ruby Kisses, Sugar Pink, $2.99

Shade 8: Ruby Kisses, Fuchsia Fierce, $2.99

Shade 9: Ruby Kisses, Pink Flamenco, $2.99

.....a bit of sad news: Angel Cherry of VOID Cosmetics has a shade of pink to die for called 'Barbie.' Unfortunately, I haven't anymore to share but listen, it gives me all kinds of life!

davita galloway