Her name? Michelle Flowers! However, to most, she's known as Meesh! And, her style is beyond 'diggabble,' so this was a must!

1) Where are you from? What city? I'm a Northern/Southern transplant--currently living, part-time, in Englewood, NJ and Gastonia, NC.

2) What's your favorite color? My favorite color is Magenta. I also love purple and turquoise!

3) How would you describe your personal style? FREE! I've been described as being a human cartoon character or a Harajuku Girl. But, I'm just Meesh and I've been dressing like this for over ten years. It's a mix of random t-shirts, matched with favorite bands, cartoon characters and hip hop influences, paired with bright leggings, colorful handmade jewelry (for the most part I only wear jewelry I make) and bright head scarfs (if I don't feel like doing my hair, which is a natural, curly wavy fro in purple/blue/green/magenta). I used to be a sneakerhead but now I just rock whatever I feel is comfortable. Lately, I've been wearing floral Alegria Mary Janes or black/white Nike Benassi Solarsoft slides.

4) To match or unmatch, which do you prefer? I match by not matching! LOL

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