If you know me then you're quite aware of my affinity for Anthropologie. Yesterday, I just so happened to wander inside SouthPark Mall's location and in doing so, I just so happened to be there for an hour or more. No, it's not that they were busy. I, on the other hand, was. Busy taking in all the sights and smells and allowing my mind to frivolously play 'dress up.' I was pairing every top (which by the way was an additional 40% off), pant, blouse and dress with lush outerwears and accessories. I was, indeed, content with my 'color' fix! Below, a few of my faves. Uhhh trust me, when I say, 'a few.' I couldn't snap a pic of every single item I swooned over--they would've definitely called LP (loss prevention) on me for being suspect... LOL

If you're wondering why the bowls... it's simple, they're cute (and, on sale, mind you!)!