Yesterday, I called a few friends--well, actually texted them--to see if they had time to swing by dupp&swat. Without giving too many details, I informed them that we'll be participating in a creative session and to arrive at noon. 

One by one, they began to trickle in with questions galore. My lips were sealed, though! LOL

I wanted Lucy, the instructor for the day's activities, to share. And, she did. Afterwards, they looked at each other and me saying/asking, 'quilts? I don't know how to make quilts! Uhhh, we're doing what?' Truth be told, I sang the same song but was willing to give it a try and hoped they were up for the task, as well.

But, before we began 'quilting'--is that a word?--we completed an exercise that resulted in an hour-long conversation. From the chat, we gleaned that individuals are more alike than different, that we need to find the time to talk to each other more--yes, off your phones--and that we all want, seek and need love and happiness, as well as to be apart of something bigger.

I believe I am most grateful for that path of discovery...

So, the quilts? Well, just take a look at the images below and know that even in their creation, a journey of self-discovery took place. Yes, even in the editing process--determining which patches to use--there was growth and problem-solving.

In short, it was a random experience--at least for my friends. However, I am glad that they showed up, allowed themselves to be transparent and actively participated in something new! Who says that 'quilting' is solely for older white women? HMPH! We got it in!

davita galloway